The holidays are a time for a lot of gatherings and we expect impromptu guests like relatives, inaanaks and friends over our homes to celebrate with us. Of course, we’d like to be the most hospitable hosts and part of welcoming them in our homes is to serve good and enjoyable food. Neither panic nor be thrown off by such situations because Home Foodie is here to help you prepare quick, delightful food fix that your guests will enjoy.

It is essential that during the holidays you always have convenience food items ready in your pantry just in case an “emergency” get-together comes up. There’s Purefoods Crispy Fried Chicken and Sexy Chix that can be served in no time. The Crispy Fried Chicken can be prepared by either frying or even oven toasting while Sexy Chix can be used straight from the can. Below are two easy and pantry-friendly recipes you can whip up — the Fried Chicken and Rice Cooker Paella and Sexy Adobo Salad. And if you feel generous and have extra time to spare, rustle up the Easy Vanilla Pudding dessert to cap off the meal. Now you and your guests got yourselves a feast!