1.2 (5 pc) kg purple kamote, boiled until tender
1/2 bar DARI CRÉME CLASSIC, melted
1/2 cup condensed milk
1 (165 g) pack MAGNOLIA QUICKMELT CHEESE , grated


  1. Slice cooked kamote horizontally in half. Scoop out flesh (while leaving skin intact) into a bowl. Arrange kamote skins on a baking/oven proof tray.
  2. Mash or grate flesh. Add margarine and condensed milk and mix until smooth in consistency. Stir in half of cheese.
  3. Stuff skins with kamote mixture. Top with remaining cheese and bake in the oven toaster set at 350oF for 10 minutes or until cheese melts.

Makes 10 servings. Tip/s:

  • Option to use a turbo broiler or oven.
  • Option to use regular yellow or white kamote.
  • Can add mashed boiled saba for added fiber and texture.

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