Sweets for My Sweet

On those days when it’s time to pamper mom, dad and the kids can come to play in the kitchen. Show mom the gratitude and love she deserves, and whip up tasty treats for her. For that extra touch of sweetness, whip up these five decadent desserts that she’ll surely love. 1. Gooey Choco-Butterscotch Ice Cream Sandwich This is the epitome of indulgence. This dessert uses Magnolia Ice Cream Best of the Philippines Butterscotch which is sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy added crunch with the sweetness by adding sprinkles and nuts. 2. Queso de Bola Caramel Bars Her favorite Queso de Bola can now be enjoyed as dessert. This recipe offers the perfect balanced bite of saltiness from the Magnolia Queso de Bola, sweetness from the caramel, richness thanks to Magnolia Gold Butter, and crunchiness from the cashew nuts. Love can be tasted in every bite! 3. Strawberry Cheesecake Cups Made from strawberries, softened Magnolia Cream Cheese, and grahams, this sweet blush dessert will leave her tickled pink. 4. Brownie Choco Pops Indulge her sweet tooth with Brownie Choco Pops made more decadent with Magnolia Gold Butter. The brownie recipe is made from scratch and uses Magnolia Brown Eggs, which is healthier than the typical white eggs. She’ll love the double dose of bittersweet chocolate, and the fun sprinkle of color too. 5. Ice Cream Crinkle Sandwich with Candied Bacon This bacon and ice cream dessert is an odd but utterly satisfying treat. The richness of the Purefoods Honeycured Bacon is complemented by Magnolia Ice Cream Best of the Philippines Caramel Cashew Fudge. She’ll savor every bit of this truly sinful temptation.

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