A beautiful bowl of soup is a great way to eat light and brings so much comfort to the soul.Full of flavour and nutrients, soups are mouth-watering, no-fuss one-pot meals.

Here are five of our favourite soup-er delicious recipes.

1. Chicken and Corn Soup

Craving for some sweet corn in your soup? Try this recipe, and you’ll definitely be left wanting for more. Unwind, put your feet up, and indulge. Worries go down better with soup.

2. Chicken Balls Molo Soup

An old Filipino-Chinese classic, molo soup reminds you of home and your mother’s cooking. So if you’re yearning for a bit of the familiar, comfort yourself and your loved one with this flavorful recipe. Swap out the wantons with chicken balls for a different take on an old classic.

3. Chicken Vermicelli Soup

For a Filipino version of the chicken noodle soup, try Chicken Vermicelli Soup made with Purefoods Sexy Chix Hainanese style. Simmer and slurp your worries away as you relax and dine with a hearty bowl. Definitely perfect for two on a rainy night!

4. Thai Style Chicken Squash Soup

With a little bit of daring and some Thai flavour, warm yourself with this special chicken squash soup. Thick and creamy, this is comfort food perfect with some crusty bread. With its vibrant orange hue, this nourishing piquant dish is sure to brighten up your evening with your special someone.