Filipinos are well-known foodies as well as celebrated cooks, and this is thanks to our very particular palate. Here, we take a look at some of the favorite staple dishes of Pinoy cuisine, which until today is enjoyed on every family table. Try these recipes and rediscover our culinary traditions.

Soup for the Soul: Purefoods Chunkee Corned Beef Nilaga

We all grew up loving this hearty soup that’s traditionally cooked with beef shank. But we’ve discovered a new way that celebrates the classic flavours – with Purefoods Chunkee Corned Beef. Tender chunks of corned beef simmered in a delicate soup, it’s swak na swak sa panlasa!

More for Me: Morcon

Stuffed with sausage, hotdogs, carrots, egg and even cheese, the Pinoy Morcon is like the meat version of the fruitcake – and it’s served on special occasions too, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This Morcon recipe becomes even more special, because it’s made from premium Monterey Beef Top Round, Monterey Pork Fat, Monterey Beef Liver, Purefoods Chorizo Bilbao-Style and Purefoods Deli German Franks. It’s a fiesta in every bite!

Better Bite of Beef: Bistek Tagalog

Do you like that combination of sweet, salty and sour? Then you’re probably a fan of Bistek Tagalog. The calamansi juice in this dish takes care to bring out the sour notes as well to tenderize the Monterey Beef Sirloin, while the fried onions give it that subtle hint of sweetness.

Gimme some spice!: Bicol Express

While it originated in the South (Region V), Bicol Express is enjoyed across the country. We simply can’t get enough of this creamy and spicy dish. This recipe is made more appetizing as it uses Monterey Pork Kasim and bagoong alamang, which tickles the typical Pinoy’s palate.

Pork Perfection: Lechon Roll

Every fiesta and Pinoy celebration includes lechon on its menu. But instead of buying the entire roasted pig, which costs thousands of pesos, you can make your own mini-sized lechon roll in your own kitchen. It’s the same crackling roast, at fraction of the price.

Chicken Binakol

This chicken soup/ stew dish is very similar to another Pinoy staple, chicken tinola. But instead of simple chicken broth, this dish uses coconut water and coconut meat. This recipe uses Adobo Cut Chicken from the Magnolia Chicken Station, which is easier to tenderize and more flavourful than the tough native chicken.