There is wisdom in the saying that “you are what you eat” and bad genes can’t be your reason for being under or going off the scale unless you have a medical problem. However, a medical problem gives you more
substantial reason to eat well. Then and again we succumb to the popularity of diets in the hopes of looking more svelte and fab in a short time and without effort.

The secret really is to mind what we eat because more often than not, we do not think what we put in our mouths. There are only 3 principles to remember and they are Balance, Moderation and Variety!

1. Balance is all about getting the right proportion of nutrients that is neither too
much nor too little. We can’t thrive on carbs alone and the same goes for protein and fats. So have your share of carbs, protein and fats daily for energy and growth needs. Include fruits and vegetables for
your dose of vitamins and minerals. And hydrate enough.

2. Moderation is regulating how much you consume. It is basically eating the right amount of food while meeting one’s nutritional needs and at the same time, maintaining proper weight. It is basically not over indulging on anything and setting limits to sugar, fat and sodium intakes.

3. Variety is eating a wide range of foods every day because there is no single food item that can provide all the essential nutrients that a person needs. Therefore, eating the same type of food everyday can result in a nutrient deficiency. For example, fruits and vegetables may be high in vitamins and minerals but are low in energy and protein. Thus, a person still needs to eat meat and grains in order to complete his/her needs. So try new food combinations. Eating won’t be dull with variety!

Minding what you eat sets you free from all these popular monotonous diets and your beliefs about eating. Pair the principles with regular physical activity and you have a good start at looking and feeling good about yourself soon enough.