It is rainy season again and you are afraid to catch the cold and flu bugs. Don’t worry! Just follow these tips to protect yourself.

Don’t just depend on vitamin C. You can fill your pantry with protein-rich foods to boost your immunity and keep your body strong. Antibodies built from protein protect healthy cells from being destroyed. It also helps get rid of bacteria and viruses in the body. High quality protein contains the essential amino acids or protein components that prevent depletion of immune cells while producing antibodies. No wonder eating high quality protein usually found in meat, eggs, poultry and milk can support a healthy immune system.

Add some more! Include a powerhouse of nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, C and E as well as minerals zinc and selenium in your diet. These nutrients can also maintain strong immunity and defend the body against harmful invaders.

So where do you find the right kind of protein in your diet? Look for rich sources of protein of course! Meats and poultry definitely top the list. And your most convenient and quickest source are processed meat products which contain protein. Other sources include eggs and dairy products like milk and cheese as well as legumes.