You’ve been working out for weeks yet still see no change? Well, it’s time to bring down the dumbbells and lift your spoon and fork to feed your body because building muscles require eating too! Here are some tips to effectively build muscles and see the results in no time.

Resistance training is a workout that encourages muscle growth and eventually tones the muscles. During this training, your muscles work hard to get rid of unwanted fats. The more muscles you use, the more
tears or muscle breakdown are formed in between. Since muscles are made of protein, protein will repair and fill in the damaged tissues. It will build lean muscles and at the same time lose fat. Complete protein or protein with all the essential amino acids helps in the quick stimulation of protein formation that leads to rapid muscle growth and strength.

Don’t forget to pair your protein with carbohydrates for maximum muscle results. Carbs, like rice, pasta, bread, fruits and veggies, reenergize your body and replace the glycogen, or your carbohydrate reserves in the muscles, lost during workout. Timing is also important in muscle building and recovery. Always fuel up within 30 to 60 minutes after your workout. This is the best time muscles can effectively absorb and use the nutrients needed for repair and recovery.

The right combo of carbs and protein helps in the fast recovery of the body after a strenuous workout. So where do you find the right kind of protein in your diet? Look for rich sources of protein of course! Meats and poultry definitely top the list. And your most convenient and quickest source are
processed meat products which contain protein. Other sources include eggs and dairy products like milk and cheese as well as legumes.