Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not spend it with family?Build a stronger bond not only in eating together, but in preparing the meal as a family too. With these five recipes, bond as you mix, whisk, chop, and fry for a hearty, tasty meal that will jumpstart your day.

1. Bacon & Cheese Waffles

Everybody’s favorite waffles become better with Purefoods Bacon Crumble and Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Pimiento. Since you can make the batter from scratch, this recipe is sure to make family time more fun.

2. Sausage French Toast Skewers

The fresh and warm scent of cinnamon and vanilla will delight the senses and give you that happy pick-me-up on those lazy mornings. In this recipe, use Magnolia Purefresh Natural Cow’s Milk and Dari Creme Margarine Classic for added richness. For a bigger, better and meatier bite, opt for Purefoods Hungarian Sausage.

3. Breakfast Layered Rice

For Pinoy tummies that need rice in the morning, this recipe which uses Purefoods Corned Beef Hash hits the spot. Fill your appetite with a well-balanced and beautifully presented dish. It’s perfect for the kids’ packed lunches as well.

4. Sausage and Mash Brinner

Level-up your simple hashbrown-and-hotdog breakfast with Purefoods Deli Sausage Bockwurst and mashed potatoes. The sausage has a delightful spice that will awaken your tastebuds, while the mashed potatoes become more luscious thanks to the gravy made richer with Dari Creme Margarine Classic.

5. Oats & Cheese Toast

Here’s a yummy and healthy breakfast that fills and fuels you up. All you’ll need is Dari Creme Buttermilk, grated Magnolia Cheese, brown sugar and oats. Scoop a spoonful of this healthy spread onto hot pandesal, and you’ll have energy for hours.