Your Best Food Forward for 2018

A new year gives us opportunities for a fresh start. People use this time of the year to list down resolutions on the things they want to do, see, or change. We see a lot of predictions on the aspects we’ll thrive in for the year according to our signs, and we take this to heart and use these to improve our lives for the better. The San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center listed down food trends that will take the spotlight this year. The first of five big food trends this 2018 is Extreme Indulgence. This trend has been present as early as 2016 but has since evolved into more extravagant and outrageous food items along with flavor and taste combinations. Ready-to-Eat Food that is easily consumed on-the-go has been a steady hit last year and continues to be a trend this year. As mentioned by Chef Heny Sison, the traffic conditions on the metro’s roads will lead to RTE food being more patronized as more time is being spent on the road and less time remains for food preparation alone. Dishes that require little preparation will be big along with readily available RTEs in the market. Global Flavors will rise further in 2018. It has been said that authentic ethnic tastes will continue to flourish, as more people embark on journeys around the globe to enjoy various cuisines. Well-travelled Chef Gene Gonzales predicts the popularity of exotic fruits and vegetables. Global cooking techniques are becoming influential, as more methods that heighten the dining experience are crossing over from one culture to another. Heritage Filipino Cuisine will still have its share of the limelight, as the demand for it is expected to rise this 2018. The mother and son chefs Sylvia Reynoso Gala and Ernest Reynoso Gala forecasts Filipino cuisine to be taking the center stage. More restaurants will continue offering their own renditions of traditional Filipino cuisine, combining it with modern techniques. Artisanal Breads and Hybrid Desserts are big in 2018. The last station featured modernized artisanal breads as foreseen by Chef Rosemarie Lim and vibrantly colored desserts continue to enter the dining scene. Not to be outdone, tasty yet healthy treats will also penetrate the scene with colorful yet nutritious Smoothie Bowls. This has been particularly famous in beach destinations as the perfect start and end to an adventure-filled day.

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