From the sweet tangy flavours of Asia, to the wild, exotic spices of Africa, discover a whole new world by trying out these exceptional international dishes.

1. Chicken Teriyaki (Asia)

Be transported to the Orient as you relish this chicken teriyaki recipe that is definitely rich in umami. The sweetness is built from the sugar, while the saltiness is from the soy sauce. This balanced blend gives life and flavor to the marinated Magnolia Chicken Station Thigh Fillets.

2. Piri Piri Chicken (Africa)

Taste the desert life in the Sahara with this Piri Piri Chicken recipe. The combination of fragrant herbs, tart citrus and spicy chili peppers, along with the smoked, grilled flavor of Magnolia Free Range Chicken, makes it a hot, wild and incredibly tantalizing dish.

3. Pasta Arrabiata Con Putanesca (Europe)

Whether it’s spaghetti, linguine, fusilli, penne, or rigatoni, these traditional pastas will help you take a tour around Europe. This putanesca recipe, which is a popular dish typically made from tomatoes, olives and capers, is made tastier with anchovy fillets and Purefoods Sexy Chix Arrabiata. This is undoubtedly the ticket if you’re in search of something savory and salty.

4. Cajun-Spiced Chicken (North America)

Aiming for some rustic cuisine? Go for something Cajun-inspired like this recipe. Here, Magnolia Chicken is rubbed with aromatic herbs and spices, and is deep-fried to juicy perfection. Travel to the French Quarter, and laissez les bon temps rouler!

5. Chorizo and Cheese Ala Cubana (South America)

Arroz ala Cubana is a popular dish enjoyed around the world, but its true culinary roots finds itself in South America. Using Purefoods Chorizo Bilbao, this recipe becomes a creative and delicious interpretation of an international dish with local flavour.

6. Shepherd’s Pie (Australia)

For some rich flavours from the Land Down Under, have a go at making Shepherd’s Pie. Monterey Ground Beef and Magnolia Chicken Station Ground Chicken are given a flavourful depth with pepper, basil and the smokiness of Worcestershire sauce.

7. Clam Chowder (Antarctica)

While clam chowder did not necessarily originate from Antarctica, we do think this is a great dish to enjoy if we were to travel to the icy continent. You can definitely battle freezing temperatures with this hot and delicious soup!