When cooking for two, nothing says “I love you” more than a scrumptious pork dish. Whatever the occasion- whether it’s a simple date night at home or an extra special anniversary dinner – make your meal more memorable with these pork-perfection recipes.

1. Pork Pastel

Monterey Pork Kasim with Purefoods Chorizo Bilbao and Purefoods Vienna Tidbits create a delicious triple play of pork. Sweet, creamy and tasty, this is just right for a romantic evening for two.

2. Butterflied Porkchop Stuffed with Cheese, Basil and Bell Pepper

For a heartier and meatier dish, satisfy your appetite with stuffed porkchops. The aromatic basil and the sweetness of the red bell pepper enrich the flavors of the meat. Relish the symphony of flavor in your mouth. This dish is a perfect start or ending to your date night.

3. Pork Roll Roast

Season Monterey Pork Liempo with some earthy spices and aromas, and while away the night with your loved one. This rich, succulent dish is a beautiful marriage of flavors, and a dish truly made in heaven.