There are days as a couple when you’d rather spend date night curled up in front of the TV, watching your favorite movies – and that’s ok. But you can still make a casual night at home special by preparing homemade treats for your loved one.

Here are some quick and easy dessert/snack ideas you can nibble on while you watch.

Sweets for my Sweet: Fudgy Brownies

For something as sweet and sugary as your affections, you can prepare gooey fudge brownies. Don’t worry about sweating it out in the kitchen as you can cut down on baking time with the Mix ‘N Bake Brownie Mix. Simply prepare the batter according to instructions, and when it’s just about done in the oven, top it off with dried fruits and nuts.

Delightful Bites: Banana Caramel Waffles

End your dinner on a sweet note with Banana Caramel Waffle Ala Mode. It’s not overly sweet, and made even more delightful when served with warm caramel sauce, bananas and Magnolia Ice Cream Classic Vanilla. It’s the perfect end to a perfect night.

Ole!: Mini Mexican Ham and Bacon Pizza Tortillas

If one is in the mood for pizza while the significant other is craving for Mexican food, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the Mini Mexican Ham and Bacon Pizza Tortillas. They’re filling as well as savory!

Feeling Groovy with Gravy Fries

Fastfood junkies will love Gravy Fries. Bring your simple homemade fries to another delicious level by adding this wonderful cheesy “gravy”. This fun recipe uses Dari Creme Margarine, Magnolia Full Cream Milk, and Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze.

Say Cheese: Three-Cheese Pate

For a more sophisticated romantic dinner at home, this three-cheese pate will have your partner thoroughly impressed. Serve this as an appetizer with a crisp baguette, or as an after-dinner snack with fresh grapes and wine. You’re sure to have a memorable night.