Have you ever had the trouble of feeding your kid? Has the dinner table always felt like a war zone? You hear them complain all the time. Name it and kids will always find the most creative reasons to escape from eating. While their pickiness may be a good sign of their developing ability to decide for themselves, but as their parent, you always have the ability to shape and guide their eating habits.

Meeting the needs of children without having to battle it out with them every meal time may be as easy as 1-2-3! First, try whipping up their favorite meat, chicken or egg dish for the best protein source. Other good sources would include cheese and legumes like beans and peas. If you are having difficulty, you can also try giving them milk like Magnolia Purefresh Milk or Magnolia Chocolait filled with Chocolait also has an added bonus of chlorella growth factor and taurine. And third, you may tap convenient sources of protein that your kids truly enjoy like hotdogs and nuggets. Contrary to popular belief, one and a half pieces of regular hotdogs or two pieces of nuggets already provide 1/2 serving of protein.

Keep your kids strong and healthy with protein! Give them a fun-filled meal time with this protein-packed lunch idea.