Holidays are just around the corner and preparing to impress loved ones can be quite daunting. Have no fear because there are ways of making it easier and Home Foodie is your trusty companion in getting the job done with some of its tips to help get you through during the holidays.

1) Planning the menu ahead is key so you’ll have enough time for preparations. Pool heritage recipes or use your fool proof specialty dishes. Home Foodie is also your ally for various recipe ideas.

2) Consider the following in planning your menu: budget, time, your skills or capability in the kitchen, facilities and equipment available and a plan on what to do with leftovers.

3) Be creative and use alternatives in case you lack equipment. Opt for no-bake cheesecake, refrigerator cake, rice cooker paella and roast chicken cooked using turbo broiler instead of an oven. Look for these recipes at Home Foodie!

4) To keep things interesting, play on color, shape, texture and temperature. Balance dry and soupy dishes.

5) Balance out the dishes that can be prepared a day ahead and those that need last minute prep so you won’t feel hurried on the day itself.

6) Use convenience food items and other top choice ingredients from San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. to make things easier for you.

7) Consider buying ready-made food items. Plate the store-bought item so it still has your personal touch.

8) Have some extra food ready and some generic gifts you can give to anyone in stock like jams or preserves or even cookies that you bought from the local weekend market or you made yourself in case of unexpected guests.

Now that you’re already equipped with some tips, you’re ready for the holidays! You don’t really have to break a sweat (not to mention the bank!) for your holiday menu. We suggest this wow-worthy dish to try this holiday season for a change. This uses pantry-friendly ingredients and a turbo broiler (if you don’t have an oven).